He deems himself entitled to womanize with a gentleman’s roguery. Once he claims the woman as his, she’s the queen of his social attention and bedroom preferences. Consensually, of course. His downside? Well, he does seem not to linger around for long. Then it’s arrivederci, sweet one, it was absolutely capital while it lasted.

Until he sees the one he’s willing to kneel and kiss the ground on which she walks. So Samson goes for his Delilah. But he’s less than the thin air to her, and there’s no way he’s letting that just happen. The chase begins. And he soon discovers that he has a dangerous criminal and invisible enemy who seem to know all about him but Roman has no idea who he is. Will Roman pull down the pillars and destroy himself in his quest to win his challenging woman?


Roman Alastair Northcott Broughton Castell is as honest and complex as he is gorgeous. Add aristocratic title to his blue blood – plus self-made wealth – and he jolly well has the right to be supremely arrogant, demanding and challenging, if you ask him.


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