Bk. 3 : The Untouchable

Roman wants no harem. But the harem relentlessly seeks him. He finds himself wedged firmly between three women and a baby. Shana takes to the hills, frightened of Roman’s dark sexuality. But no sooner has she left Roman than Grieg/Phoenix, a dead demon from Shana’s past, is marking time on Roman’s doormat, out for a war over Shana.



Roman: I loved owning women. Then I found my woman. But she would never be owned, not even by the gods. When she leaves me, I find myself waging wars over her with her dangerous admirer.

Shana: Roman scares me in every way, and the fear excites me. I’m brainless in his arms, brainless just from thinking about him. He makes me navigate so many labyrinthine passages and secret doors that frighten me. My body kneels and weeps for him. My common sense tells me to flee … And I do.


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