Bk. 2 : The Capture

“A brilliant piece of sensual writing that encompasses … steamy romance, unique and enthralling characters, a bold, brave, and beautiful plot that will have you shifting on your seat as you turn the pages with haste!”
“An exceptional author who has done an incredible job with weaving together a love story with erotic suspense and descriptive thriller elements… the passions wafts off the page…”



Roman: I wanted to eat all of her. Even within that fortress, I longed to erect around her to hold her captive in, to keep her away from men not worthy of the sight of her, I’d devour my fiery Golden.

Shana: I succumbed to Roman’s deadly sex. I shut off my defenses and found myself on his bed, in an impossible state of sluttish disarray, holding my breath with impatience, totally done. Or undone?


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