A P von K’Ory

Inspiring Novelist and Award-Winning Author

A P von K’Ory writes the kind of books she herself would like to read and is passionate about, whether romance, psychological thriller, or nonfiction. Diversity is a must for her because it’s in her aristocratic DNA. She is the winner of six awards from four continents. The most annoying thing about her, for some readers, perhaps? She writes in British English. Yes, those double Ls, and calling an elevator a “lift” and adding Us like in “colour” or “neighbour”, plus the odd “plough”, “spelt”, “spilt”, “crept”, “knelt”, leapt and “learnt”. She does her best to try and avoid most of them, often with some success! Von K'Ory married an aristocrat and politician of Franco-German descent. Her large extended family stretches from the Nilotes of Eastern African Nile Delta to Germany, France and the Walloons (Belgium). She lectures Economics and Sociology in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. She’s migratory and – weather willing – lives in Germany, France, Cyprus, and Greece.

You’re choosy and read smarter. You’re discerning and read sophisticated
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